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I saw a post here about strong women and how they helped you. I chose not to speak or comment until I was ready to tell that part of my story. I went to treatment in 1995. Drugs?? I can give a dn about..Alcohol?? Can walk away and not look back. Although I do love a few. My addiction?? Violence. I loved a fist fight. If I fought once that night I fought a few more times. That was my high. Don't judge me plz but open to questions. When I got to the place I was told Welcome home. It was a 6-18 month residential. I was there for 20 months and became a counselor. 
There was 1 lady / counselor that would walk by me and gently touch my face. And keep walking. It enraged me. Who is this woman and why the f is she touching me?? You see I didn't know a gentle touch. It made me uncomfortable. I knew punches..I knew slaps..I knew hard touches. But I didn't know soft touches. I'm 30 at this point. Today I'm 54. I asked all the women there what this B's problem was.
They laughed. One night I'm in a bath..this woman comes and reads to me.. are you serious?? I'm a grown ass woman, why are you reading me a kids book and why are you bugging me while I'm in a bath.
It was the Velveteen Rabbit. She read despite my anger.. As she was walking out she ran her hand across my face again and said good night. I'm thinking what in the hell,does she want me?? No.
She didn't..she just wanted to teach me to be soft. And be comfortable with soft.. today she is one of my best friends. My sister from another mister..I've taken her lessons and taught to others. Like I said I was a counselor for almost 15 years . I've read kids story books to grown men in prison.. I've softly touched the cheeks of many women that were gang bangers. I've taught kids from inner cities to fish.
Because one lady showed me what soft was..her name is Shawna.
She also introduced me to Maya Angelou and others that found soft.. today my sister's I wish you softness. Self love. Kindness for the world. Namaste

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Shawna is very interesting.