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So everyone’s sharing there stories and though I’d share mine. Starting from 2014....
My whole world fell apart on June 2014 due to hospital negligence and losing my daughter at 5 hours old and my partner blaming it on me and leaving me after a good 6 years relationship and almost married. Was only just coming to terms a little bit about the situation of my daughter dying and my partner leaving me but my head was still a mess and still grieving, then my dad took a turn for the worst and was in hospital from December 2014 to March 2015 where he died sadly, well that was it my mind went my morals went I lost control of myself and my emotions. I went on a bender but I wasn’t me anymore I was this bitter twisted messed up women grieving and making mistakes. I turned to drink and drugs to help me through the day. I met a guy who seen what a mess I was and decided that he would come into my life and pretend he was my savour and acted like he was supporting me, he moved in and worked his way onto my mind controlling me and at one point he played games with my head saying that we could be together, and that he cared about me but we never actually did anything couple wise, he started controlling my life my head and my body getting mad at me for no reason telling me where and when I could go out and why i could wear and that I wasn’t to put makeup on bcoz I had no one to go and impress. He started beating me telling me it was my fault why he got mad at me and that o deserved to be beaten, this went on for for 2 years and everyone but me could see he was domestically abusing me. Even after he got a girlfriend he would try to control me and use me and beat me. He worked me that good that I never saw a problem with his anger and way he would abuse my kindness he made me believe o couldn’t live without him even after he moved out bcoz I couldn’t take no more and with the help of family and friends supporting me to get him out of my house. I then met another guy who is known for years who was a family friend he was nice and he needed somewhere stay so bcoz of my fear of the other guy I allowed him to stay with me. And let me tell you l, if was another nearly 3 years of my life bcoz we got closer and closure and became friends with benefits and loved lol a couple and even tho he was amazing to me and still is he still proceeds to hurt me emotionally and use my kindness. And I fell in love with this guy. But 2019 now and I had to make a decision so I let these guys keep ruining my life more or do i stand up for myself and say no more. And that’s exactly what I’ve done I’ve cut a lot of people from my life that ain’t good for me. I got focus on me and my kids and need be strong and look after me and my little family. So I put a stop to it all I said no more and enough is enough. I’m still broken but my m finally starting to feel better in myself bcoz I’ve started to realise that people ain’t good to me they only want to use my caring and kind nature against me making me feel less of a person. But I know i deserve more and I know I deserve better and now I’ve started to realise my worth and that no one will ever take me for granted again. If I can find my strength and know my worth and do things differently for my own health body and mind and feel better in myself Ano you can do it too if you find yourself in a situation I’ve been in or maybe your still allowing someone to control you? I decided to share my story bcoz it says strong women but I keep seeing weak women post. Find your strength and don’t let anyone tell you your less than you are bcoz we as women are the making of everything. Men can’t give birth or naturally feed a child. Men don’t have to worry about taking care of a child when there ill, they stay in bed all day crying when is as women will get up put our face on and carry on with everyday chores. We clean we feed we shop even when we feel shitty we still get up and do what’s needed to be done. So next time a man hurts us or try’s to control us remember we are amazing creatures and know our worth and won’t take anything less than we deserve xxx

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Everytine clean