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My heart is heavy this morning my fiance' mother is dying with cancer.. They may have given her another week or less to live. Just a few months ago she declared that she wanted to have nothing to do with me before her cancer had gotten worse.. She also demanded that I don't come around her mom. In which I was visiting her mom weekly and we established a close bond.. I'm so sorrowful for my fiance' and his mom but I'm not sure how to handle this situation mentally. Just to add I did nothing wrong to her at all in order for her to say she didn't want me around.. It placed me into a place of depression but thank God he restored me. I need everyone's thoughts on this matter.. I want to be there to support my fiance' during this time, but how do you support when you were rejected by the person that's suffering? Of course I'm here for her but this feels unfair that I did nothing wrong to be rejected and now she's passing. I love his mom always will.. My fiance' is the only child. We started dating one year ago.. Thanks in advance for your opinions and may God bless you all.. All respectful opinions welcome at this time. By the way she's had cancer for 3 years.. ❣️

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