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I'm a strong woman because I haven't given up yet. I continue to push forward for myself and my 3 children. I'm currently raising 3 beautiful girls by myself. My husband was taken away from our family almost 2 years ago and is unable to help support us in any way. He is currently living in Nigeria and we haven't seen him in person since the end of May, 2017. I'm currently 36 and have been going to school since I was 25. I'm almost finished work my Master's degree in Clinical Social Work. I plan to be a therapist and hopefully one day open up a treatment center for women and their children. This will be a holistic treatment center for mental health, chemical health, spiritual health, and emotional health. We hope to have a fitness center inside our clinic along with the therapy services offered there. I picture a garden out back for growing or own food. Horses and other animals available for animal-assisted therapy, a daycare center for the children, nature-based therapy and taking circles. Well that's a bit of it for now. I still dreaming up the rest. I love helping people and forming lasting relationships! I have overcome a lot and continue to strive to my fullest potential with God's Help and Will. Good night all!

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Yes me too I haven't given up yet.