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Hi I’m new to this group I like reading different ladies perspectives on situations in life. I recently went through my second divorce. I thought I had gotten everything right the next go round but I guess I was wrong. My ex husband was talking to another woman while we were married and hiding it from me long story short he started telling me that he was unhappy and that we were like room mates months later I realized that he spent most of his time texting and talking this other woman which crushed me. I tried texting the woman but she would not respond to me and he tried to tell me that they had a platonic relationship which I feel that if that was the case then he wouldn’t mind explaining it to me but he never did he just got angry with me. Then the day after I left I tried talking with him but he wasn’t having it he told me that I don’t give him that spark anymore so I filed worked three jobs to pay for the divorce. We have been divorced for 3 months now and he claims that i must of been seeing someone else since it was so easy for me to divorce him. He prides his self that he didn’t have to pay for the divorce and I basically walked away from everything we built. And I struggle but I don’t want to struggle emotionally and wonder what my husband is doing all the time. I worry that dating is going to be so hard on me because of faithfulness and I have met someone that I think is absolutely great but he seems like he is moving to fast for me I don’t even know what I’m supposed to think. I think everyone’s time frame is different but it’s very overwhelming.

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