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I'm asking for serious prayers for my family and it is also a bit of a rant. There are deeper backstories, but this is the basics of what has been going on since Saturday. My Uncle Mike died of cancer on Saturday. There has been many questions about his care which had caused a huge family rift. Because of some very huge misunderstanding and manipulations, my oldest brother is not talking to me. He needs his sister and that's just a simple fact. My stepfather went into the hospital today. Initially it was just keeping him for pneumonia. They notice his stomach is distended and a couple other issues and now they have to run tests on his veins and do other scan type testing. About an hour ago my mother tries to call me. Last night, I got called into work for a couple hours so I couldn't answer. She sends me a message to inform me that, when my youngest brother was driving to store, something happened to the tire. It came off the car and he hit a tree. He has many other health issues but let's just stick to what happened today. Apparently the guy was driving behind him saw it happen, called the EMTs and the police. Even the stranger told the EMTs he thinks my brothers in shock. But, since he didn't want to get into the ambulance, they just all let him walk home bleeding from the head with a messed up knee in the pouring rain. In shock. Nobody gave him a ride home. We cannot tell my stepfather any of this because he will try to get out of the hospital tonight and he desperately means all those tests and antibiotics. Not to mention that they now don't have the vehicle and have no idea what it will cost to fix although I'm sure they won't have the money. None of us will. And they Need a vehicle. They are all sick and disabled and have to see specialists. So please prayers everybody for guidance, strength, knowledge, hope, for God's love. Please. I'm losing Cohesion.

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