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Question: My stbx is actively seeing the girl he cheated on me with, which was part of the cause for me to file for divorce. Anyway, it's been 8 weeks since I filed, no court yet. The kids and I moved out of marital home a week ago. Same night shes the sleeping with him.

We have been going on a family camping trip for years and do course this year I didn't go. He finally came clean to kids about seeing her and he basically forced her upon them. Was at the campsite in and off all weekend. They were making out in front of my kids, and asked to stop but their dad said I really like her.

To get to my point does anyone who has been through a divorce know if there is any temporary custody that can be gotten to keep the kids away from this environment?? No custody has been made uses or court has bot been to yet. The kids were put in an u comfortable position and asked him to stop. He does not deserve to see them. It was supposed to be the 3 of them and she was there all weekend. And drinking was involved. Advice please. Down the road sure I get this will be a thing. But my kids both had nightmares last njght.

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There are requests for an emergency custody hearing if you feel that your children are suffering. May I ask how old the children are? And laws very by state. What State do you live in?