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I'm 35 and the one thing I know the ends and outs of is MEN! Such predictable creatures! Most of y'alls situation is fixable if u just try equal treatment! They hate that! Also stop getting so attached. U went your whole life so far without this dude making u cry. If u lose him oh well life goes on! Growing up a tomboy I have all male friends so I get to see a lot of the inside behavior that the girlfriends dont get to see. Too bad men arent allowed here cause they go thru the same as y'all sometimes. My mans post would be "help my gf verbally and mentally abuses me and refuses to communicate. When she yells I try to choke her to shut her up but then she just gets physical right back. I try to talk and she blows up and blames everything on me and threatens to leave cause its her way or the highway." Dealing with so many narcisistic men I have learned to play it back too well! Best advice I can give to y'all is equal treatment! If u dont want to leave him then give him a dose of his own behavior. That old saying What's good for the goose is good for the gander rings very true. I'm not really like this I'm too good hearted and very forgiving but you dont let your man know that or else he will take advantage of it. No man is perfect so hes gonna treat u how u allow! If u know hes gonna come home from work bitching and yelling make sure u do it first. In the first year my bf was still messaging and liking other girls pics on fb. Ok I won't cheat cause its not in my character but best believe I made it look like I was doing the same and in the end just looked at him and said- Equal treatment MF how does it feel. I never have to deal with that issue again.  2nd year he "just gave up on life" and lost a great job. Ok I'll stand beside u. Support u and see what u do with it. 6 months of playing Xbox where he barely left the room. Times up. Then when I've had enough I bitch and he tried to bully be back into place! Never gonna happen! Broke up with him for good and I meant it. He couldnt live without me so now we are back together and hes finally learning his place. Men are penis and paycheck. Remember that. If I feel emotional I'll call a friend or my sister. You dont show a man weakness at any point. My mom taught me well!

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