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I am going to advise men now. I usually advise women or call out men but this is an advice to men.

Women are not all the same. A woman can be more enterprising than you are. Woman can be more vicious than you are. A woman can be more of a go getter than you are . A woman can be more money conscious than you are, a woman can be more ambitious than you are.

There is no law that states that a man is by default vicious, ambitious, enterprising and a go getter.

Now the crux of the matter is, stop putting all women in one basket. STOP IT.

If you have met women who are docile, or slow in thought or speech or reasoning, it doesn’t mean that anyone with a vagina is by default like that woman.

Try to disabuse your mind. Every woman out there is NOT a whimp! Every woman out there is not looking for a man to save her, provide for her and shield her.

There are women who are very dependent, every woman is not like that. The mere fact that people are siblings doesn’t even make them alike not to talk of a woman who is completely different in origin and likeness from the one you had, yet you have a nagging need to classify all women as one.

Please note! There is nothing wrong in wanting women who are dependent on you for everything. It is your choice but please go for those women!

You can’t see an independent woman and start qualifying her type with statements typical of those who are very dependent. That is unacceptable in its entirety.

A lot of men make these mistakes and have issues with their women who have shown clearly that they are women of their own.

Let’s learn to respect women. They are the mothers and wives who keep the home intact.

A happy wife , a happy home!

Katchy ohiaeri, 2019

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