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I’d like to ask for some help/advice. I’m really good at seeing possible solutions to others difficulties but at a loss when it comes to my own. I’ve been married since August 2007 and in 2016-17 after our entire lives fell apart (not justifying), I stepped out of my marriage. My husband found out and confronted me by literally trapping me in his truck (my door was against a stump and outside my window was briars up to my waist). After that I stopped talking to the person but he went so far as to make me quit my job (it was a co-worker) after he showed up at the factory and threatened the lives of that individual, a female acquaintance and another male that had no part of any of it. He then told my family and his ‘friends’ some awful lies about me being an escort/prostitute and other stuff like that. Through all of this I have forgiven him and tried to stand by his side (even after attempts on my life, he says didn’t happen but the recordings say different). About a year ago I found out that he had been stepping out with his ‘best friend’s girlfriend’ for eight years. Still to this day he goes where he wants, disappears for hours at a time, without any account of his activities. However, I have to account for every minute I’m out of his direct sight. I’m at a loss, I can’t find a job because he will not allow me the time to go around submitting my resume and filling out applications, he doesn’t work, so leaving isn’t likely to happen for me. Any advice is appreciated...

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Seems your relationship has been broken for a long time!  Nobody can make your choices for you, but, they are always there.  There are options for counseling, by yourself to get yourself mentally and emotionally healthy,  or together as a couple if he will agree and you BOTH  want to save the relationship!  Doing nothing will get you nowhere but the same results you have been receiving and giving for a while now!  

I wish you the BEST!