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My daughter just buried the love of her life on Saturday. The family, she thought were her friends, bamboozled her into paying all costs of the services and luncheon for 100 people for which they made all arrangements. At the request of the family, the funeral home tried to have her sign over the insurance policy without limitation to them for which she was named sole beneficiary. She expressly stated to the funeral home "no open bar".

Imagine this: The funeral home put the wrong pictures in the video playing during the viewing. Their flippant response, "oopsie." They gave all sympathy cards to the family without looking to whom they were addressed. Another "oopsie." At the luncheon, the manager Kathy asked my daughter to pay for the open bar. This led to a 20 minute scene with the family who tried to shame my daughter: "Donnie would have wanted you to pay for this." She couldn't relax or have one bite of the lunch that cost $2,200 for 100 people. I spoke with the funeral home and the manager at the restaurant. The personnel at the funeral home showed no emotion or understanding. Full of excuses and "oh well." Promised to call the restaurant and then didn't. Contradicted and insulted me. Denied and minimized. Ditto the manager at the restaurant. "No one has ever complained before." We handle six funerals a week." Don't you hate that? It's the equivalent of calling me a liar.

Just trying to shoulder some of the BS for my hurting daughter. People in this business ought to have manners!

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I would get a lawyer and make the funeral home pay all expenses since it was there mess up all the way around. The family should be helping also pay for the costs associated with the barrial. I'm so sorry for your daughter and what shes going through. I'm praying for her.