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Sorry need to vent I have a stress migraine. I thought parents would want their kids to do better if life than them, to have it a little easier than them. I know I want my kids life to be better than mine. I have a mom that gets the feeling I'm starting to do better and trys to knock me back down, that tells me it's ok my ex husband doesn't may child support because my dad didn't pay child support on me. Every time I mess up and tell her future plans she rushes out to buy whatever it is before I can. Example I told her when my kids are older I would like to learn to ride a motorcycle. Within 6 months she bought a Harley, told her I'd like to buy property somewhere and have a house built some day. she went a bought land in north carolina little over a year later she's taking about selling it. Why because she really didn't want to buy property and build a house.

I work with my mom shes president I'm vice president. She does the books, makes sure insurance is up to date answers calls here and there. I dispatch 28 independent contractor drivers ( to pickup with an hour in a 2 hour radius) hr, sales, dive if we are short on drivers, answer a few phone calls. Last month my sales were higher than the 7 years I've been doing sales witch is great because my fiancee and I have a weeding to pay for and only 4 months left. Now she is telling me she wants to cut my commission pay in half and If i need any money just ask her and she will pull it out of the business. Um between kids, normal house bills and the weeding i need what i have been getting paid for sales for the past 7years.

I'm already so stressed out for caring so much at work and trying to plan a wedding with little help now I don't know how we are going to pay for it all.

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