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Good evening strong women my story goes like this my divorce was granted last year December due to oir differences as huaband and wife..i tried to fight to for my marriage but he wouldnt budge..i even told him i was pregnant but oh well i guess choices were made..my issue is its really hard for me our baby is 3 months now and we also have a 6 year old..i miss him alot i even tried to gt back with him after the baby was born but he told me choice where made im depressed im sad its a hard pill to swallow everytime i see him play with his children i jst get hurt..wen will i heal as i write tears i flowing i cnt do this ive tried to be strong for my children but im slowly loosing it.

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Hello. I can not say I understand how you feel as I would be lying but I can only imagine what you are feeling. I have always believed that prayer is the answer to everything. Find time to pray for yourself and your husband. The thing you needed to understand from the word go was that the two of you are different people with different backgrounds so you were supposed to work out those differences and accommodate each other.

This is not the end Pray pray pray