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This world is really something. People are so heartless and ruthless. What good can you be in the society if you can't even do a little for the less privileged and most of all the disabled.One young woman here in Chitungwiza decided to do good for her community. Only to be harassed by the police and they keep coming and forking money out of her. She had opened up a preschool which caters for those unwanted kids who are forced to stay at home because they can't afford to go to school. The disabled, orphans and less privileged children. Some of them she was even sponsoring. Her school is not even her business to her but she started out of passion. 

My heart is bleeding the school is closing why because the police keep saying you are operating on a residential property. Aren't these kind of people and worthy causes that our council should really take action and do something worthwhile for its disabled community. I think this little sanctuary for our children should get a stand from the city fathers. If not for this but then for what?????????????? #If you are in support for this plz just comment Yes

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