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How strong are you? Where are you in your journey? Seasons always change as do we. As long as we continue to keep going up. I used to think I was strong when I had a no F’s given attitude. I kept everybody away from my life after my mom died and I got a divorce and lost my home all within 5 months. I totally lost it for a year. That was 2015 after losing my mind I was forced to pick myself up and support myself and my four kids by myself. Again I thought I was Miss bad ass. I got my own place but still was missing something. I began living for myself and focused on my health mentally spiritually physically. I’m a little cocky but that’s OK I deserve it and my kids deserve it. So today at the age of 43 I know longer give all my attention to relationships but to God myself my children my health and everything else falls in the place ❤️ 
Literally the best thing ever was to be alone and focus and love myself. Spent too many years not doing so!! I wish all you ladies lots of self love 

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