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Left my kids dad for a number of reasons last year. Ever since it's been nothing but aggro. I have had to leave 2 jobs because he's ruined it for me, i've had him drop our baby to me at work out of spite, verbally abusive almost every single day and just general disrespect to me in front of my kids. He smokes weed which is the main reason i left him as he never stopped when he says and it got out of control to the point he has lost his head. Lately he's been telling me he's gonna overdose and always making threats. I don't think he will at all as he does this when he loses control of me and starts all the manipulating stuff. He's nice for a while then back to being narcissistic. I am so done and over it the stress he puts on me i am so fed up in general me and my.kids are happy then he does something and its just stress. I feel so frustrated and angry like i want to just take my kids and get so far away from him but obviously i cant. When will he stop this and get over it? Im so so so fed up i just dont know what to do anymore. I dont even care when he tells me how he feels anymore i am that fed up. But dont want the guilt if he did something... it is unfair doing this to me just need to vent really and get it off my chest sorry its long

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