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Why do we give our hearts to men who don’t deserve them? I’ve was with a Latin man for two years. He loved me yes and wanted to start a life and family with me. He was helpful with some things but never supported me the way I needed. Never helped me around the house, barely paid any bills, and never really understood me. I took care of him like a king. Cared for him when he was sick, helped him figure out his finance issues, showed him how to express his love towards his family, and just gave him all of me. Our relationship started to become more physical and our arguments were loud and violent. I knew the whole time the relationship was bad for my sanity and health but yet I stayed with him hoping I would be wrong and things would get better. He was jealous and his thought process was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve finally said goodbye to him but my heart is broke and I hate the pain of breakups even though I know it’s the best for me. Most of all I hate how much his heart is broken. Even after all the bad things that’s happened, I still care about how he feels. I know it’s over and I just need some strong women support. I know with time things will get better and I’ll get used to being alone but in the mean time it sucks. I think another reason I’m hurting so much is because before him I was on the fence about having children and when I met him my mind changed. We were actually in the process of preparing for a baby then alcohol and physical violence got in the way. I’m glad it happened before an innocent baby was stuck in the middle. We all have moments where we live through a fantasy and then reality kicks in. Right now I’m just looking to hear about your stories similar to mine and looking for positive support from other strong women. Thank you.

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