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Hi, I’ve been with my partner a year now, we don’t argue, have lots in common, I do love him and most of the time he makes me happy, but to me he seems to have an obsession with Facebook and messenger, he constantly requests new girls weekly,he even in the past before me has asked them to please add him as he things they are gorgeous and would like friends with benefits with them , even ones he doesn’t know or don’t live anywhere near us, yet doesn’t request males or very infrequently even if he knows them,yes I understand Facebook is all about making new friends, as in this group most or all of us don’t know each other but try to be there for each other if we can be, but he goes further than just having them on his Facebook as friends, he sends them private messages that are inappropriate or sexual even whilst being in the relationship with me, I admit he was worse before I met him, but he will msg some quite inappropriate things to different girls which I have found out about,even some of the ones he’s sent too have either not replied or asked him not to send things like that, ,and he seems so thick skinned and he Carries on sending them,he has calmed it down a lot for me since meeting me and me questioning it, although he still talks about our personal private life to his friends and sends porn to other male friends of his, which at first I didn’t like but after talking to others let it go as just a man thing, then today he’s private messaged 2 girls I don’t know but can’t tell what he’s sent as the post has been taken off Facebook as unacceptable, I first asked what the post on his timeline was and he said it was some competition for money????,and you had to send it to so many other people to receive the money, to which I asked , then why didn’t you msg me or your friends who you talk to regular, why two girls who are on his Facebook that I’ve never heard of before, it’s harder because I don’t actually know what the content was as Facebook have taken it down and all he keeps saying is.... 

babes it was just a competition, then why those two random girls??, he says I’m overthinking and he wish he’d never done it and got annoyed with me, but am I overthinking?, is it right he msgs other girls inappropriate things whilst in a relationship with me?, or am I being insecure cos of past relationships, any advice or opinions would be helpful, I don’t know wether I’m worrying too much or he’s taking me for a fool??

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