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I have separated from my husband after 35 yrs due to depression and anxiety. i have moved out. He constantly has to know where I am even using a tracker on his phone he is obsess with me i have gone for a holiday within our country and hes googling where im staying which is my sisters house. 6 hours away. Sometimes i think im abit soft and let him know details about whats is happening only for him to pass on to my 15 yr old son., he has offered to pay for clothes and and trips im not interested i have accepted on occasions now i feel guilty, but he insists. Im not the hurting type its hard staying strong. He txts me everyday and wont stop when i say leave it for time being he gets upset and says allsorts of shit. I not interested in going back should i just cut him off completely, hes getting abit annoying now calling me babe i dont like it. 

We do have a son left at home thats the only reason i want to talk to him is about my son.Should i not talk anymore? And stop accepting his gestures of paying for clothes. I think im to soft and feel sorry for him i have come this far i dont want to go back into a relationship with him. Im over it emotionally and hes not what should I do?

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