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Ok, so i consider myself to be a strong and fiercely independent woman. I am 58 years old, single and no children. I didn't get this old the easy way. I've been engaged 3 times and am still friends with each one. It just didnt work out and that's ok. I love and loved each one for their uniqueness and thier ability to follow thier own path and if in doing so that left me behind, so be it. I too follow my own path.

Two years ago this month my mom passed away. We were very, very close. She would tell me all the family secrets and say, Don't tell your sister. My sister is the one who was the executor of the estate. She is actually a half sister and when we went to a care team meeting at the nursing home the social worker said, Could you two be more opposite??? She is short and dark hair, i am very tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. 

I have a history of depression. I have Lupus, Spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and have a past history of drug and alcohol abuse. 
Anyway, i am making the biggest change in my life i have ever made. After my mom passed, it's like my sister wanted to fill her place. That's too long a story to get into here, but it was intrusive. I am feeling more alone than EVER in my life. My sister and i had a huge falling out because of some of the shit that went down after my moms death. Shit like i didn't get my mother and fathers wedding band, my brother didn't get his antique gold pocket watch. My sister called my best friend... No clue how she got ger number... And told her i had been pilfering from my mothers checking account for years. That there was jewelry missing... Just a bunch of shit. The good jewelry was already gone from the house when my sister and i were cleaning it out. 

Anyway, my sister is a narcissist. She said shit like her husband was more of a son to her than my brother, because her husband plows her driveway and not my brother. And that she didn't know why my brother was getting that gold pocket watch, when her husband deserved it more. Hence, the missing pocket watch???
I am not exactly feeling the love here guys. I am moving to Fla in two days to be near my bestie of almost 30 years and her husband. I have decided to reclaim my life the way my mom would have wanted. I am steessed out to the max. I am having a lupus flare up and can barely function. I have to out of here by the 30th and am driving to Fla from Massachusetts. I have no place to live when i get there, but i will find somewhere. Please say a prayer, send good mojo, whatever. If its positive and in the name of love, please send it my way.... Things aren't looking so good today. If am physically and mentally exhausted. Emotionally, i am a hot mess. I have never felt so alone in my life. Please pray for me.

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