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It is surviving the storms in life that build us into strong women. We live in a world of duality. Facing the many trials and challenges of life. Realistically, no human being is exempt from difficult relationships, financial hardships, health issues etc. We females are not born as babies as "strong women". The rollercoaster journey in our lives has easy times and not so easy times. We do not live in a "bubble" where we are protected from the negativity and misfortunes of life. But we grow and learn from our life lessons. Wisdom comes from our life experiences!! There is so much dysfunction in families and all forms of relationships. Some people are not fortunate to have had healthy love even as a child. But they survive and learn how to deal with life. Learning to deal and cope with whatever the universe "throws at them". We are here because we are surviving the storms. Dealing with whatever the universe "throws at us". Some things we have no control over and some things we do. It is great we have a group to share our wisdom with each other. Together we can survive the storms of life!! When life is "hokey dockey" and everything sailing smooth...life is like a walk in the park. It is when our world turns upside down and no one to turn to...this group is a wonderful support system for all our sisters!! We need to remember to be respectful to everyone!! We can not judge others. We need to share our advise and be the "wind beneath the wings" of our fellow sisters. We all need each other and to respect all women!! We are the glue of families and societies!! We need to take back our power and be respected!! How are we to do that if we don't stand up for each other?? I say strong women are "born"!!

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