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Ok I did this months ago and got lots of advice but I need more . I’m disabled so they say cuz I had 2 strokes and a hole in my heart I got repaired. From the stroke I can’t count ( like change and crap) and Aphysia .. so I’m scared to work anywhere cuz I’m embarrassed if I say the wrong word and I can’t open or shut a drawer in a register like I did at J.C. Penney’s. Like I said to my kids at shogun I front of everyone “ y’all put ur napkins in ur lap” but instead I said y’all put ur seatbelts on” and they were quick to defend me and said I had a stroke so my language is a bit messed up . I’m on primidone for my hand tremor I am on lexipro for depression which I have had way before my strokes in 2002 . I’m on phnewtermime for my fat ass . I sit I do nothing I drink dr p cuz I get migraines when I don’t drink it . I started smoking 4 years ago . I’m 48 . My daughters are upset about that .. but my life sux . But I am still here so I weigh a lot ALOT. If I showed u pics of me 15 years ago u wouldn’t recognize it to me and it so sad. I used to be beautful . Truly and I have spots all over me that scratches and burns and I won’t leave them alone!!! Even when I sleep . Doxcyline didn’t work dust mites meds didn’t work and no one else has it . So I wear long sleeves and pants everyday my dr gave me zanax for itchy ., panic, retarded .. or whatever he thinkis of me . And I haven’t had a period in 2 years and my obgyn won’t give me hormones cuz of my stupid stroke history . Zanax gives me nightmares and me itching and sweating omg and I’m fat . Please pray for me I know I don’t have cancer but depression is a dark hole . I rescue animals and feel good about that and my girls are good so I’m blessed but if one of u is a dr that would be great . I get out of breathe walking to my mailbox so I have up awhile ago

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I am not a doctor or a nurse so i don't know what to suggest.  Maybe your meds are not a good mix for you.  I live in canada.  Pharmacists often have more knowledge of which meds react to others.