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Dear Fellow strong women. 
Take the hardship as an opportunity to understand where your wounding is. Where your lack of self-care, self-love, inner child pain, poor boundaries, lame excuses all live.

Be grateful for the sh*ts who showed you these scars. And bless them as you show them the door, and you drive away into the sunset.

Know that you were given this lesson/experience/insight to show you how strong you are (to discover how able you are to overcome it). Know that deep down in side you (so so so far down) you asked for it.

Be grateful, Be thankful, Realise you are still alive. You are lucky, fortunate. You are at the threshold of a new beginning. A brighter future. A huge potential. YOUR destiny.

 Suck it up people. NO-ONE is in charge of YOU. LOVE YOURSELF. FIRST and the rest will follow

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